Guava – Thalia Hoffman

An exhibition by Thalia Hoffman presenting the artistic and textual outcomes of the research project entitled Guava. Thalia Hoffman executed this research project within the framework of PhDArts.

The Guava Platform, which is at the centre of this exhibition, was initiated in 2014 as a conceptual framework of my art practice and research. The aim of the Guava Platform is to research and create possible techniques of art-actions that are part of my quest to continue to live in the conflicted landscape, east of the Mediterranean, as an artist.

The exhibition presents three short films conducted as part of the platform, and the website/thesis, where all the texts and additional art-actions can be explored.

The platform is part of my ongoing process as an artist dealing with my socio-political surroundings. I suggest suspending direct reference to the conflicted landscape and instead experiencing it in alternative ways, through constructive imagination. Even though I do not aim at finding concrete solutions to the severe emergencies around me, I do allow myself, participants and visitors the opportunity to re-articulate, in thought and body, our state of living in this area.