[English] All good things…

… must come to an end.

After five years (and 10,000 cappuccinos, 55 exhibitions with 120 artists, 1 wedding, 2 international filmrecordings, 300 lemon pies, countless events further), with great pleasure and love turning Old School into what it is today, we find it time for something else. It has been great and we feel like coming up with new things.

Other work

Having had to close our doors twice in the past year, we have had time to reflect and look to the future. We want to focus on our other work, which may have faded a bit into the background due to the success of Old School.


Old School started in December 2015 as a temporary use for the vacant building on the Pieterskerkhof. In 2016, the building was sold by the municipality to a private individual, who will establish a museum there in a few years. Until then, we will continue to use the building as a studio and occasionally have our own exhibition or project.

It was great, thanks and goodbye

We think the five-year anniversary is a good time to stop, we thought that as an option in the spring last year. We would have liked to maintain the success of Old School this whole year 2020 to say goodbye in a beautiful way. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the current circumstances.

We will miss Old School and especially the guests, but also look forward to the opportunities that arise now that there is room for something new. Thank you for your interest, support and trust. We’ll meet again. 2021 seems to us to be the perfect year to look into the future. We wish you a good new year, a bright future!

Roos-Marijn Kinkel
Gideon Roggeveen