Art House Holland 2019


Space & Time

We learn about ourselves when we leave our comfort zone, explore new horizons and interact with others. We enhance our culture when we are confronted by a different one. We grow when we help others grow.

This collective exhibition is a glimpse of the result of what the artists have produced during their time at the residency of Art House Holland in 2019.

We believe in community and collaboration, these are the motors and philosophy behind the project. In the exhibition, the spectator can observe that there might not necessarily be a big conceptual connection between the artworks, but there is a hidden meeting point. Every artist has decided to go and learn something new, put themselves in a challenging mode and went exploring far from home. By leaving the privacy of their studios and by sharing their, sometimes extremely private, creative process, the artists learned from each other. They exchange opinions, ideals, and ideas and share creativity and space and become through that part of what the Art House family represents.

They shared the same space, though mostly at different times.