Art House Holland 2019
Art House Holland 2019
6-22 december 2019


Space & Time

We learn about ourselves when we leave our comfort zone, explore new horizons and interact with others. We enhance our culture when we are confronted by a different one. We grow when we help others grow.

This collective exhibition is a glimpse of the result of what the artists have produced during their time at the residency of Art House Holland in 2019.

We believe in community and collaboration, these are the motors and philosophy behind the project. In the exhibition, the spectator can observe that there might not necessarily be a big conceptual connection between the artworks, but there is a hidden meeting point. Every artist has decided to go and learn something new, put themselves in a challenging mode and went exploring far from home. By leaving the privacy of their studios and by sharing their, sometimes extremely private, creative process, the artists learned from each other. They exchange opinions, ideals, and ideas and share creativity and space and become through that part of what the Art House family represents.

They shared the same space, though mostly at different times.

14, 15 & 22 december

Na het succes van vorig jaar, zijn er ook dit jaar twee korenweekenden in de binnenstad van Leiden. Zo’n 30 verschillende koren brengen net dat extra stukje kerstsfeer, zodat het nóg gezelliger wordt… Old School is één van de locaties, net als onze collega’s van Ars Aemula.

14 december
14.00-14.30 uur: Mizzelto
15.30-16.00 uur: Leiderdorps Kamerkoor

15 december
13.30-14.00 uur: Leiderdorps Kamerkoor
14.30-15.00 uur: Leiderdorps Kamerkoor

22 december
13.00-13.30 uur: Vocaal Ensemble Muze
15.00-15.30 uur: Vocaal ensemble Musica Fresca
16.00-16.30 uur: Act of Mutiny

Kijk voor het hele programma op de website van Leiden.

Unplugged Sessions Christmas
Unplugged Sessions Christmas
18 december

Because of the renovation/construction at Vrijplaats Leiden, we are going to be on tour. This “wednesday before christmas” edition will be at Old School.


* Leave us a message in the Facebook event to ensure your spot!
* Inform us about your set-up AND preferred time.
* Not on Facebook?

There are about 8 spots. When we have too many sign-ups we’ll introduce the waiting list. You’ll be notified personally if you’re on it.


* More info on times soon
* Everyone’s allowed to play 3 songs
* Just ONE cover
* All performances will be in a semi-acoustic setting

Would you like to bring your keyboard or electric piano? Please do so, and let us know!


The music kicks off at 19.15, so be on time in case you don’t want to miss anything!

Please like our FB page to stay updated:


10 jaar Atelier Odette
10 jaar Atelier Odette
3 - 26 januari

10 jaar Atelier Odette.

Het persoonlijke oeuvre van Odette Freijters is zeer divers en bestaat voornamelijk uit series van drie of meer werkstukken, variërend van grote vazen en kunstobjecten tot uiterst dun en doorschijnend porselein werk.

Robbert: The Early Years
Robbert: The Early Years
1 februari - 1 maart

In februari exposeert Robbert van Strien zijn werk in Leiden. Robbert: The Early Years bevat een selectie van mijn autonome ontwerpen, illustraties en strips van de afgelopen paar jaar.



Wat is Mail Art? Piet Franzen
Wat is Mail Art? Piet Franzen
6-29 maart

Mail art-kunstenaars wisselden via poststukken en hun kunstwerken uit en omzeilden daarmee de traditionele kunstinstellingen bij het verspreiden van hun werk. Sinds het ontstaan van de Fluxus-beweging in de jaren 60 van de vorige eeuw bewandelden sommige kunstenaars alternatieve wegen om hun werk te verspreiden. Ze organiseerden hun eigen mail art projecten met tentoonstellingen daarvan en gaven hun eigen publicaties uit.

Rudi Struik
Rudi Struik
6-29 maart

Rudi Struik’s work is characterized by a large diversity of materials and techniques. Especially his early work shows a great care for the materials – particularly wood – and their handling. Wood meant a warm, ‘living’ material for him in which he felt able to express himself freely. Without a preconceived concept he started to work with a piece of wood; while carving, an idea of a form developed, initially following the natural grain of the wood, later in combination with other materials, such as Perspex and metal.